Story blockage

Unfortunately, the dearth of updates lately has been for bad reasons.  Too sick, and no progress on the novel to talk about.

In fact, I’ve not only not written this month, I’m rather aggressively not writing.  Or rather, it’s the not writing that has been aggressive.  I wouldn’t call it Writer’s Block; it’s more like Story Blockage.  I know the rest of the story is there, and I want to get to it, but there’s something blocking the way to the action and I can’t seem to see around it.  I’m on my fifth version of the next scene and feeling like this one isn’t it either, but at this point I think I just need to push through and hope it clears away some of the rubble so I can see what happens past this.

It’s the strangest thing.  I’ve lacked inspiration before, I’ve been lost in the plot maze before, I’ve drawn blanks before. This is something different and it’s freaking weird.

2012 is trying to kill me

Everyone in my house has been sick since the beginning of the year.  It’s happened in waves, one deluge of awfulness after another as we’ve taken turns being the worst-off.  I haven’t been able to a.) stop coughing long enough, b.) assure myself I’m not contagious, c.) feel safe enough to drive, d.) produce pleasing enough vocal sounds to make it to choir rehearsal since mid-January.

I had thought we were finally all on the upswing at the same time this week.  Then I woke up this morning again unable to speak, with a head full of yuck.  If we follow the established pattern, everyone else’s renewed misery is to come shortly.

Come on, 2012.  What did I ever do to you?