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Happy Hobbit Weekend

In honor of the release of The Desolation of Smaug, and because people tend to doubt me when I talk about my “geek shrine,” I am sharing the photographic evidence with you.

My geekery is serious business.

Points to you if you can pick out everything in there, although I very much doubt it. Some of it is too niche to be playing fair (and the photo just would not come into focus.)

and this is after I cleaned it out and removed maybe half of the LotR figures

and this is after I cleaned it out and removed maybe half of the LotR figures

For the record, I very much enjoyed the film. I highly recommend getting out there and seeing it in the theatre. You won’t want to miss seeing the dragon on the big screen.

5 thoughts on “Happy Hobbit Weekend

    • I spent an afternoon organizing it over the summer, and it’s been kept neat since then because it’s not where I usually work anymore.

      You can see in the bottom left just behind the monitor, the folded up scrap of paper that I found then, that starred in its own blog entry. The receipt paper from when I was desperately writing while working a cash register.

  1. That’s so organized in comparison to mine. Well, I don’t really have a shrine. 🙂

    Glad you liked the film. I’m starting to feel a little bit gaslighted.

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