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One thing I will admit Arizona does right? Sunsets. Especially during monsoon season, when you step outside and this is the eastern horizon:


monsoon sunset over Mesa, Arizona 8.17.14

The spawn asked me if it was raining sunshine.

8 thoughts on “Apocalyptic

  1. That is spectacular, Alyssa! What an amazing photograph. I love sunsets (and sunrises), there is just nothing more beautiful in this world. The colours are just unbelievable, and even in rainy Ireland I get a lot of those. Not quite as dramatic as yours, though. Thanks for sharing that!

    • Thanks, Guylty! I feel like I’ve always got my camera pointed at the sky. With the exception of the unnervingly cloudless month of June, the sky in Arizona is always breathtaking, and we’re famous for our sunsets. Even the ones that I tend to shrug at as “not that spectacular” are admittedly great by the standard of anyone who isn’t a sunset snob. 😉

      This is one of my best sunset shots, I think: http://vulcanelf.deviantart.com/art/Dry-Heat-173675184. I take so many, and miss getting photos of so many amazing skies, that it’s hard to say.

      • Oh, I photograph the sky almost every day, Alyssa. And always from the same two windows – study in the morning and kitchen in the evening. I have recorded all shades of pink and red and orange and blue, and I love it so much that I am desperately trying to come up with a project to merit displaying these images properly…
        Left a comment on deviantart for you.
        Oh, and your picture and your comment reminded me of one of my favourite ever songs – The Orb’s Little Fluffy Clouds: “What were the skies like when u were young?
        They went on for ever and they when I we lived in Arizona and the skies
        always had little fluffy clouds and err.. they were long and clear and there
        were lots of stars, at night.
        And errr when it rain it would all turn, it, they were beautiful, the most
        beautiful skies as a matter of fact, the sunsets were purple and red and
        yellow and on fire and the clouds would catch the colours everywhere,
        thats, its neat because I used to look at them all the time when i was
        little. You don’t see that.”

        (Sorry for rambling…)

    • It’s true, I do *not* speak well of my state in general, but we do have good sky. That’s why it’s on our flag.

      I’ve heard that about Florida (which is another place I don’t often hear spoken well of by the people who live there. Grass is always greener, I guess. Unless you live in Ireland or Portland, in which case it would violate the laws of the physical universe for anything to actually be greener.)

      • it’s totally strange and oddly comforting — you can be having the worst day ever and yet you look up at the sunset and it makes up for a lot.

        • It’s true. You’re just suddenly and powerfully reminded that ugly things may be happening to you on a personal level and you might be lacking things you sorely need, but the irrepressible beauty of the world we live in is out there to be shared by all of us, and will be still tomorrow.

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