Halloween flowers

I love having the kind of friends who will text me to let me know they’ve spotted nearly-black calla lilies at the store, because they know how much I would love to see them.

I also love that I have successfully eliminated fluorescent lighting from my home, so that the nearly-black flowers in question go from looking like this:

nearly black indeed

very nearly black indeed

to this:

black calla

wasn’t expecting that

Conserving Spoons

I didn’t know I needed to read this today until I read it today.

Musings of an Aspie

If you aren’t familiar with “spoons” in the context of disability, take a few moments to read Christine Miserandino’s landmark piece on Spoon Theory before reading this post.


Spoons, by nature, are a limited resource. They’re replenishable, but not on demand. Sometimes we get a new supply each day and sometimes we have to ration out spoons over many days before our supply is restocked. And there’s no spoon store, so forget going out to buy some if you unexpectedly run out.

Conserving spoons is an essential skill. The most obvious way to conserve is simply to ration. More things to do today than you have spoons for? Eliminate some stuff!

That works fine when your day has lots of padding. It’s relatively easy to cut out things like “go out for lunch with officemates” or “participate in 500-comment Facebook conversation.” You probably won’t miss them much. But what…

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