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8 thoughts on “Happy Hobbit Day, America

    • They’re a pair. My pearly elf ears. 😉

      I saw the film last night. Definitely enjoyed it, but will have to see it a few more times before I can really talk about it without confining my remarks to “Holy crap, Richard Armitage!” My reaction to everything that wasn’t him is mixed.

      • LOL – I know what you mean. When I reviewed my notes I realized that I had written 4 pages about Thorin – and hardly anything about the rest of the film. Still, I did like it. But I am no Tolkienite…

  1. Your elven ear jewellery is lovely. Like you I wore my badge (it´s “entRAnced”) the two times I watched the movie so far, and little Thorin was in good company with my Lucas-RAPS in my bag.

    • It’s funny — I really did like it, but every time I’ve talked about it in the last two days, all I seem able to mention is all of the things that disappointed me. Possibly because I was keeping my RA-related commentary to a minimum for those particular audiences and without talking about Thorin there isn’t actually a lot to compliment.

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