Delicious Divorce Cake

The internet certainly has changed the world we live in. The rules of social engagement are different now and still shifting. It’s hard to navigate them at the best of times, especially when you’re autistic; throw social media into the mix and everything I think I know about the correct way to handle people and the delivery of news is… possibly wrong? Maybe? Or maybe I’m a trailblazer in the quest to open up new ways for us introverts to talk to people without having to actually talk to them?

Ahem. Getting off track.

This year has seen some massive changes in my life. Massive. Whom do you tell first? To whom must you speak privately before it’s a gaffe to talk about it on the Book of Face? Which things do you talk about? Which are none of the public’s business? How do you write publicly about private subjects that you nevertheless feel you should be open about for the greater good? (Pause while you echo, “The greater gooooooood.”)

Which is all to say that, finally having satisfied the (I believe) expected protocol of letting my private feed in on some of the massive things I’ve been working on this year, I think it is now acceptable to speak in public spaces as well.

As I stated some weeks ago, I finally escaped my own personal Hell in Arizona. To put it delicately, that Hell consisted of more than simply the location. It was ruled over by a particular person with whom I am no longer legally entangled, as of this month. Consider the suggestion box open as far as what type of cake is most appropriate for celebrating Sweet Sweet Freedom.

Big things happened on the road to that escape; it’s been a busy year. The upshot is that I am in a much better place, surrounded by good people, I’m safe and happy, and I’ve just finished editing the w-i-p – which is now no longer a w-i-p! This final draft is ready to be shopped, baby.

Onward and upward.

You are cordially not uninvited

A while back, I made a post about my friend Jamie Wyman’s Kickstarter campaign to publish the sequel to her urban fantasy novel Wild Card. We got it done and the world has since been enriched by the existence of that sequel — Unveiled.

So guess what?


Guys, I’m so excited about this series I can’t even tell you how excited I am. We’ve got trickster gods, we’ve got technomancy, we’ve got romance and good old UST. We’ve got explosions, break-ins, swordfights, smart-mouthed satyrs, female IT professionals with attitude, PLOT TWISTS, and we’ve got all of this happening in modern-day Las Vegas to the running narrative of a heroine with a snarky inner voice that just gets snarkier the more the gods decide to mess with her.

What I’m trying to say is I really want to read the next book. Will you help make that dream a reality?

UNINVITED: The Third Book in the Etudes in C# Series


These books are so good. You won’t regret it.