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Great news, and some just news

Photo Oct 13, 4 18 39 PM (1)

photo by Jamie Carey

Two weeks ago, on October 13th 2018, I had the joy and the privilege of exchanging marriage vows with the most wonderful man I’ve ever known. It was a mad, chaotic day, but I came out of it joined to someone whose perfection as a counterpoint, friend, and partner to me cannot be adequately expressed. That’s the great — the greatest! — news.

The just news is this:

With wedding planning and the last of the formal wedding responsibilities now in my rearview mirror, it’s my intention to dive headlong into the work necessary to self-publish Book 1 of my fantasy trilogy (with Book 2 to follow as soon as I’ve paved the way.) Watch this space for more news on that front as it develops!

6 thoughts on “Great news, and some just news

  1. Congratulations! Gorgeous photo. Every good wish for your future together. Look forward to hearing about the trilogy… dare I hope it contains an RA character?

    • Thank you, thank you!

      Alas, no RA characters in my trilogy as it is all original work in a universe of my creation, but… Well let’s just say you wouldn’t be too far off if you imagined a distinctly RA look for the male protagonist. (What can I say: I have a type. 😉 )

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