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6 thoughts on “Exciting news!

    • Yes! My husband gave this one to me last October for our anniversary. It kept its flowers through Christmas and started dropping them around the first of the year. I almost chucked it then, because of my track record with plants, but I took a pause instead and decided to give orchid-rearing another try. You can see I’ve messed up some (those poor cracked leaves,) but imagine my excitement when I noticed it sending out a new flower spike a few weeks ago!

  1. A friend who is good with plants said once a week, wet the leaves and just pass the pot briefly under the tap, so that is what I do. And keep them out of draughts, but not in full sunshine. Seems to work! 😊

    • Wetting the leaves is a great idea! I’ll start doing that.

      Yeah, I struggled a bit to find the right spot in my house to give it the light it wants. Not too much, not too little. I *think* it’s good where it is now.

  2. I’m not great with plants either, and yet I have orchids at work that do really well. The secret I have learned is to put ice cubes instead of water. Somehow that seems to work.

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