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my 2020 review. spoilers: it sucked

I’ve been composing a long year-end wrap-up post for the last hour and a half, but I just deleted the whole thing. 2020 is slippery and difficult to grasp and also, I finally realized, not worth the effort I was giving it.

It’s like this:

Fuck off, 2020. In a decade where every year has arguably been worse than the one before it, you really managed to take the entire cake.

You will not be missed. Go away.

2 thoughts on “my 2020 review. spoilers: it sucked

  1. Can’t help but wishing I’d seen what you had written – because I enjoy reading what you think, Alyssa. Ha, no pressure. But yeah, that shitshow is not even worth our memory. Let’s look forward. Happy new year to you!

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