The Way of the Falling Star Book 1 by Alyssa Marie Bethancourt

mornnovin cover cobble

cover art © Scott Baucan 2019

Loralíenasa Raia is the last member of an elven family that has existed since the dawn of recorded time, and the weight of that responsibility has shaped her entire life. Her people stand upon the brink of extinction after a brutal war against humanity that forced them into hiding.

When an ancient force of vengeance threatens to destroy all of Asrellion, Loralíenasa must decide whether to risk her own people’s survival in order to stop what seems like an inevitable apocalypse for the very humans who once sought to purify the world of her kind. As if saving humans isn’t bad enough, she must also contend with being forced to accept their help when she discovers she can’t do it all on her own.

In a tale of pride, prejudice, and powerful magic, the wounds of the past give battle to a future where peace might prevail if hearts are allowed to change. And as Loralíenasa has always been told by her elders, elves are incapable of change.

“Readers who enjoy detailed worldbuilding will quickly fall in love with this novel… A fine high fantasy novel with a richly crafted world.” — Kirkus Reviews

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