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photo © Alyssa Marie Bethancourt 2014

Would you like to read more about Asrellion, the world of The Way of the Falling Star? Are you hoping to learn more about your favorite characters, or possibly see them get into hilarious trouble, or fall in love, or commit a bit of rebellion? The short stories of Asrellion are available here!

It is not my intention to fleece anyone out of a fortune, but I am a starving indie artist making my own way in the publishing world. For the time being, let’s try a pay-what-you-feel-is-right model. Send your payment to paypal.me/dogwoodhousellc. Include both the name of the story you’d like access to and the email address where I should send the password.

“Family Holiday”
11,500 words. Pre-Mornnovin.
second Naoise Raynesley saw his brother’s face, he knew they were both going to be in serious trouble before the day was out and something might possibly end up in flames.

“Civil Disobedience”
6,200 words. Pre-Mornnovin, pre-War of Exile.
A young elf in ancient Eselvwey is forced to attend Autumn Festival against his will and breaks the most important rule of all. His name is Soríjují Volarín.

9,200 words. Pre-Mornnovin, pre-Regency.
Young Tomanasíl Maiantar has no idea what he wants to do with his life, so of course everyone keeps asking.

“Black Books”
10,400 words. Directly pre-Mornnovin.
Princess Alyra of Grenlec is not about to let anyone tell her or her ladies what they can or can’t read, even if she has to accidentally become a criminal to do it. The dashing alter-ego just sort of happens on the way.

6,800 words. Directly post-Mornnovin, pre-Trajelon. 
After saving the world, Lyn and Cole will be damned if they’re going to let anything stop them from getting married — not even Lyn’s sense of humor. A little help from Naoise Raynesley — on his way to face his own destiny — doesn’t hurt.

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