25%, baby!

The Kickstarter to fund MORNNOVIN has hit the 1/4 mark after five days.

This is good, but not great. That is to say, theoretically, as long as I secure $1000 a week of the total $4000 goal, I’m still on track. However, I can’t expect to have multiple big-number days like launch day, so there’s a chance I might see my progress peter out here.

Still, this milestone is cause for celebration! Head over to the link for an update and a cute video of my dog eating snow. And, as before, tell all your friends!


It’s here! It’s happening!


My friends, this is a huge day for me — as a writer, as a fantasy fan, as a human being with a life-long dream — and not just because it’s snowing and I’m a starry-eyed desert rat. It’s a huge day because as of riiiiight… now! the fundraiser to gather the funds to publish the first novel in my fantasy series is live!

MORNNOVIN is happening!

Oof, you might say. A fundraiser at the holidays? That’s rough.

Maybe! But also? Maybe (I’m hoping) we’ll tap into some of the spirit of giving. Some of that milk of human kindness. Some of the holiday cheer that loves a chance to make dreams come true.

Wander on over to the fundraiser page. Have a look. Maybe save it for later if you feel so inclined. Please do share far and wide.

And Happy Holidays.

You are cordially not uninvited

A while back, I made a post about my friend Jamie Wyman’s Kickstarter campaign to publish the sequel to her urban fantasy novel Wild Card. We got it done and the world has since been enriched by the existence of that sequel — Unveiled.

So guess what?


Guys, I’m so excited about this series I can’t even tell you how excited I am. We’ve got trickster gods, we’ve got technomancy, we’ve got romance and good old UST. We’ve got explosions, break-ins, swordfights, smart-mouthed satyrs, female IT professionals with attitude, PLOT TWISTS, and we’ve got all of this happening in modern-day Las Vegas to the running narrative of a heroine with a snarky inner voice that just gets snarkier the more the gods decide to mess with her.

What I’m trying to say is I really want to read the next book. Will you help make that dream a reality?

UNINVITED: The Third Book in the Etudes in C# Series


These books are so good. You won’t regret it.

Making the Dream

A(n actual, in person) friend of mine, Jamie Wyman, realized The Dream late last year: she published her first novel.


I love it when things like this happen to people I know.  Not that everything is all about me, but it makes the possibility of realizing The Dream myself feel about 1000% more real.  Of course, I just love good things happening to people who deserve them.  And she deserves it.  Jamie is smart, kind, hilarious, and dedicated.

Because she loves what she does, Jamie has already finished the primary writing on the sequel to Wild Card.  And because she is taking control of her career and her future and shaping them into the reality she chooses, she will be publishing Unveiled her own damn self.  Get it, Jamie!

The reason I’m talking about it here, other than the fact that she is awesome and I like talking about my friends’ accomplishments, is because her Kickstarter campaign had a stellar launch but has since hit a plateau. Anything I can do to help get the word out, well.  Here’s me doing it.  If you love urban fantasy, trickster gods, technomancy, dry humor, a-hole satyrs, sharp-witted redheads, stories set in Vegas, or any combination thereof, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you check out Wild Card.  And if you love it, or if you just love the idea of supporting art and new authors, please consider supporting the Kickstarter campaign to get the sequel into the hands of readers.

We can do this!