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A great deal of discourse has been had in recent years on the topic of content warnings: what are they, why do people need them, are they much ado about nothing, and how should a content creator go about including them if they so choose?

As a survivor of trauma myself, I am very sensitive to the reality that some material is not for everyone all the time, and has the potential to do real harm. Recovery from trauma/abuse is a complex process that necessarily includes removal from ongoing trauma and careful management of exposure to things which can cause that trauma to resurface. I have no desire to injure anyone or set their recovery back with my words just because I needed to tell the story I needed to tell. And as a breathless consumer of stories, I also understand the viewpoint of those who find content warnings unpleasantly spoilery.

That is why I’ve opted to direct my readers to this page if content warnings are something they look out for, so they can inform themselves if necessary, but those who are not interested can choose not to.

Below the cut are the content warnings for my published works. At this time, I am only including CWs for Trajelon, which is chock full of what I will refer to above the cut only as “adult content.” I may change my mind on that in the future if I receive feedback demonstrating the need for warnings pertaining to my other stories.

Trajelon: The Way of the Falling Star Book 2
Rating: Mature
CW for depression, suicidal ideation, drug and alcohol use, sex and sensuality, hints of sexual coercion, reference to sexual assault, stalking, gaslighting, emotional manipulation, verbal abuse, parental abuse, violence, allusions to gore, major physical injury, and torture.

And, because that is a lot, I feel the need to add: “Buttercup does not get eaten by the eels at this time.”

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