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Dogwood House: Alyssa’s Books

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Hey there, readerly friendos. Are you into fantasy novels that are not the same tired retelling of the same tired tropes with (tired) slavish devotion? Worlds that are populated by a richly diverse assortment of people and cultures? Complex female protagonists? Magic? Elves? Fantasy settings that don’t all default to boring medieval European misogyny?

Me too! That’s why I wrote my own.

The Way of the Falling Star is a series set in the fantasy world of Asrellion, where elves have been living in hiding for the last three and a half thousand years since humans tried to exterminate them. Follow hero Loralíenasa Raia, the last surviving member of the oldest family of elves, as she tries to (hopefully) save the world and find her place in it at the same time.

Book 1, Mornnovin, is available on Aerio, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and just about anywhere else you can purchase books online.

The second book in the series, Trajelon, comes out Tuesday, November 24th, 2020. You can buy it now on Amazon or at the same places you also find Mornnovin.

Also, check out the Short Stories menu above for, well, shorter forays into the world of Asrellion.

For branded Dogwood House and Asrellion swag, there is now an online store at Redbubble! Look for new items to be added as the release date of Trajelon approaches.

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