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dogwood outlineAs you might imagine for an indie author, the whole fame-and-riches thing is… slow to materialize. If you’d like to help me keep the lights on while I spin my tales of elves and magic, there are a few things you can do.

  1. You can buy my books. I’d actually really love that, since I wrote them to be read. They’re available at just about any book-selling site you might prefer to buy from, but for simplicity’s sake I will link here to the printer’s storefront. Go forth from there as you will.
  2. You can talk about my books. Amazon or Goodreads reviews, blog posts, mentions on social media — these would all be really helpful. Also, if you happen to belong to a book club, it would rock all the socks if you could get my book/s into the reading rotation. The more people know about Mornnovin and Trajelon and are talking about them, the better.
  3. You can now also buy access to my short stories! The current model is pay-what-you-think-is-fair, so I have the story lengths listed on the menu page. Payments should be sent to my PayPal.me.
  4. You can hire me to do editing work. I’m quite good at it, I promise. (This service is temporarily on hold until my health situation is better managed. Currently, my brain fog level is severely limiting.)
  5. You can buy Dogwood House and Asrellion merch at the Dogwood House Redbubble shop. I don’t get a super huge cut of any of those sales, but it would still tickle me to know my branded swag is out in the wild.
  6. You can donate to me directly. At the moment, I’m drowning in medical bills and paying them by walking dogs — work that is sporadic, exhausting, frequently hazardous, low-pay, especially difficult at the moment as I recover from having my thyroid scooped out, and leaves me with little time or energy to focus on creative projects. If you want to help take the financial load off, this would be deeply appreciated as money is always tight. For those so inclined, you can leave me a little something at my PayPal.Me address, with or without a PayPal account of your own.

Thank you for your support!

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