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Need an Editor?

**Summer 2020 update**

Due to my health situation, I am unable to accept editing work at this time. This is only temporary and I look forward to being able to help with your editing needs in the near future.


Looking for a second pair of eyes to scour your writing for imperfections? I’ve got you.

Words have been my lifelong autistic perseveration – reading them, writing them, figuring out how they work, reveling in their flow. I wasn’t even three years old before I knew I wanted to be a writer. I’ve been reading just about anything I could get my hands on since then, and writing nearly as much.

What started as an occasional favor for friends who just needed a quick proofread turned into a paying gig for me in 2002. In my years of experience as a freelance editor, I have developed a quick eye for mechanical issues and my extensive repertoire as a reader means I’m familiar with most genres and styles.

I have a skill for recognizing and working with an author’s voice rather than trying to impose my own, so you don’t need to worry that by engaging my help you’ll be sacrificing your own flair. My commentary will cover all aspects of the writing: grammar, punctuation, style, voice, word choice, flow, structure, plot, characterization, continuity – you name it, I’ll have something to say about it. You will not get a more comprehensive review from any other reader out there. That is my guarantee.

In a nutshell, I offer nothing less than excellence. Whatever it is you want to be as a writer, I will see what is holding you back, and I can help you get there.

What I offer:

Do you want your piece read for technical corrections only? I can do that. Do you just want a reader to give you their overall impressions of the plot and characters? I can do that too. When you contact me, let me know whether you’re looking for a general manuscript critique, a technical copy edit, or the works – a full content edit.

I am willing to read in any genre, but be aware that my expertise lies in fantasy fiction. Higher-level academic work is possibly a no-go, depending on the field. (If I would need to know a great deal of topic-specific terminology and have a solid understanding of the existing publications in your area, I couldn’t really do your work justice.) That said, if you want to contact me anyway to discuss it, there’s no harm in asking.

On the matter of rates, I go by the Editorial Freelancers Association guidelines, determined by pages/hour. Because every project is different, I cannot name a general flat fee. (Obviously, a deeper edit will cost more than a basic critique.) I will determine the level of attention and work your piece requires from the first 2000 words and get in touch with you with a quote before proceeding. My preferred method of payment is PayPal.

contact me here

Be advised that no one but me will see your manuscript or our correspondence. Your work will be kept strictly confidential.

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